Built by: Mike Siriann

This Deusy of a Hearse was created for the "MY SHOWROD" category in the Tom Daniel tribute contest. It's a cross between a 1934 Dusenburg and the Vampire Van. When I first purchased the Vampire Van, I really didn't like it, but I knew that with a little imagination I could transform it into something pretty Kool.

So I dug the Dusenburg out of the parts box and shortened the fender assembly by 1-1/4 inches to accommodate the Vans frame. A lift had to be added to the frame so the body would rest properly. The body and fenders were primed in White then sprayed in Gloss White, then hand polised with paste wax. The curtains and seats were hand painted with acrylic Fasburgandy to give it a blood look. The rear floor was painted with acrylic flat dark tan and along with the seats sprayed in Krylon clear gloss. The chassis and frame parts along with the side wheel mounts are spayed in Metallic Gold. The Gloss White grill was wiped and brushed with acrylic black and white then sprayed with the clear coat to simulate a marble effect. The bumper and running lights were sprayed in Chrome. The Dracula lettering was printed in a word program then printed on photo paper. While most of the parts are stock from the Van kit. The slicks are American Drag Slicks and the side pipes are scratch made from 3/32 aluminum rod.

Dracula is sporting a blue sapphire ring, black and white spats along with the traditional black suit and cape. His hair was streaked with black and white to give it a gray effect.

The Coffin was painted Fasburgandy then clear coated to simulate a highly polished Cherry Wood finish. The satin lining is painted Gloss White. The hinges are black with Metallic Gold fasteners.

The Gurnee is made from Balsa wood and tooth picks, then sprayed in Metallic Silver. The wheels are faucet washers and the hubcaps are from a VW kit.

The candle holder pedestals are also made of Balsa wood and spayed in Flat White. The candle flames are tooth pick tips painted yellow and red.

The Funeral flowers are made of tooth picks, glue caps, a Heart shaped button and railroad landscape material.

The Coffin is ready to be loaded into the Hearse, for the last ride.


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