Built by:  Ira Dahm, Cotati, CA


I have always liked the "Wedge Shaped", Raked Hot Rods, Big Tires in the back and Little Tires up Front! The Phantom shares styling clues from many types of cars; Show Rods, Hot Rods, Street Rods, Bonneville Racers and Customs. The Phantom is built with parts from the Revell 1933 Ford, Revell California Dune Buggy and a set of Tim Nolan's Resin Show rod Tires. 

The Phantom is powered by a Corvair Engine with 6 Carbs from the Pie Wagon Kit. The Custom Body also features a full-length "Belly Pan" chassis with independent suspension in the rear and a "dropped" front axle. I got the idea for the exposed Corvair Engine from the "Aliens" Movie, the engine with the staggered Carbs reminded me of the Extendible Alien Jaws!

Here is how it was built. The front of the body was shortened 1/4" and both the sides of the Ford body were cut off from the rear wheel wells all the way up to the front grill area. The hood area was then Narrowed at the front by removing a "Pie Shaped" section from the top of the hood. The front grill area was then reshaped to fit an Ala Kart Double Headlight. The top was already chopped, but I also wanted to change the windshield angle. I cut out the area around the windshield frame and repositioned it pulled forward at the bottom. 

I then added 2 small wedges of sheet plastic between the body and the windshield frame section. A section of the trunk was removed to make room for the Corvair Engine, then the body was fine cut to fit around the engine parts. The body was then Puttied, Sanded and Primed. The chassis is made from parts from the Revell Dune Buggy Kit, Strip and Sheet Plastic. Aluminum tubing was used to mount the Resin Wheels and Tires. 

The Fuel Cell and Battery are from the AMT 1932 Phantom Vicky Kit. The seats and steering wheel are from Revell's 1941 Willys. The rear wing is a highly modified Formula-1 wing shaped to fit. The Megaphone exhaust tips are from Michaels Jewelry department. Rhinestones were used for tail lights.

The Graphics are from Slixx decals and the Custom License Plate is from Slippery Arts. The Phantom is painted with Testors Silver and highlighted with Model Masters' Turquoise Metallic. A few coats of Testors Glosscote was applied last.

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