Corvette Summer

Built by: Bob Schaffer 

i first saw the movie" corvette summer " at the impressionable young age of about 12 and that wacky ride left an impression all right. it was something i always wanted to build a model of, but really didn't have the skills until a few years ago. 

i started with the baldwin motion  68 vette,   because in reality this would be sacrilegious, but hey, its only plastic and had good detail)         

the flares, spoilers, hood, scoop, tail end, were all made from plastruct and ca. and lots of  body wok done. its painted with gold flake nail polish covered with alcad transparent red, and some candy orange left over from a buddys race car, and lots of clear. 

the dash was modified to rhd to match the movie car (for picking up chicks on the sidewalk) i added seats from a 78 pace car,a harness for the driver, changed over to an auto shifter and pedals, pins for dash knobs,  photo etched cranks. ,and some 6x9's in the back. 

 the baldwin motion big block / 4 speed was swapped for a small block and  turbo 350,the rest of the chassis is stock, except for arii wheels and tires, which are not exactly correct, and may be changed in the future. 

the side pipes were a challenge, made   of aluminum rod, kit collectors, aluminum tubing, and even some slot car gears. all coated in alcad 

all lenses were hand made, and the big "stingray" on the back started life as a necklace! 

 although its from the tail end of the show rod era, it should fit in well here.

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