Grim Reaper

Built by: Steve Hammann / Carlinville, IL.

Well, as soon as I saw Dave Marek’s drawing I knew I had to figure out a way to do it but it sat in the think tank for quite a while.

The base for this bash was the re-released Surf Woody roadster version with the body and chassis turned backwards. I scratch built everything else you see. The front tires are from a cheap R.C. 4x4 and the front wheels, back wheels and tires and spokes for the paddle wheel are from diecast motorcycles. 

The coffin is scratch built from sheet styrene, painted Dupli-Color Metalcast Purple with handles from a Boot Hill kit and the skeleton and interior are reshaped pieces from a Bad Medicine. 

The engine is from two more cheap diecast motorcycles mated together inline. I had multiple disasters trying to paint this thing due to having to assemble it almost completely before painting but I finally got a good coat of Dupli-Color Metalcast Red to stick without bubbling or doing various other weird things. 

The chrome scythes on the side of the C-cab were cut from Kodak Mylar self-adhesive paper made for printers. It is pretty cool stuff but kind of tuff to get laid down and positioned just right. 

I’d like to thank Dave Marek for the design as well as Willis and Dkal Dan for the extra bones for the hopper.   

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