Stiletto (kitbash)

Built by:
Steve Hammann in Carlinville, Illinois

This bash project started out as two Ebay glue bombs. The bodies of the Cherry Bomb and T'rantula were in relatively good shape but both kits were incomplete and almost all of the chrome was junk. In addition, the front axle arrived in four pieces so a lot of care went in to repairing that.

The car is done in 60s fashion pseudo dragster/showrod-style with the long narrow body acting as a scabbard for a dangerous weapon inside. The knuckle savers, which also act as nerf bars are whittled down rear ladder bars from a Paddy Wagon kit.

Wheels and tires are from a Monogram Funny Car kit. The T'rantula headlight buckets were eliminated and a pointed nosed extension was added and then I enlarged the engine compartment to accommodate the Chrysler Fire Power Hemi from the Monogram Futura kit.

The paint is Krylon Holiday Paint System Candy Apple Red with a top coat of Testors High Gloss Clear all coming from spray cans. Total cost involved: $4 for two Ebay kits, $5 for paint, $1 for glue = $10

Time to get it right: Three times longer than an out of the box kit. Joy of building it: Priceless!

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