Ed Roth Tribute (kitbash)

Built by:
Steve Hammann in Carlinville, Illinois

You all laughed when I suggested using the snow globe from Wally World so I thought I would take the challenge. This car is a tribute to the most out-there go your-own-way guy there ever was in showrod building.

This car is totally scratch built from pieces. It started out as two sets of Dan Finks Speedwagon front fenders and then I added plastic sheet and strips where needed for strength. Wheels and tires are scale 22 inchers donated from a cheap 1/24 scale diecast car because if Ed was still building he would have embraced the tall wheel / rubber band tire look.

Motivation for this low slung street sweeper is in keeping with the Ed Roth way of thinking and is powered by a single Hi-Performance Solar Panel that drives individual electric motors on each of the four wheels. This is what allows the wishbone front end to work without a conventional bulky steering system. Steering this toon-ish tribute is accomplished via four wheel fly-by-wire electronic controls.

Paint is Krylon Holiday Paint Systems Candy Apple Green with Testors High Gloss Clear top coat all from spray cans.

The bubble is (of course) the dreaded Wally World snow globe picture frame that features the Biggun Hisself in front and a tasteful tombstone in back.

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