Three Wheels on my Wagon (kitbash)

Built by:
Harley Richards in Croydon Surrey England

OK I have to admit to getting a bit carried away with this one. Originally, it was going to be a box stock build up of a Messerschmidt bubble car as I couldn't think of any other production car that has a bubble top. However, I then started thinking that I might swap the engine over for something a bit bigger.

First option was a Honda 750 bike engine but that didn't really make much of a visual impact. Then I considered a Ford four pot but that would mean problems lining up the drive shaft. Next option was a V8 on the grounds that if I was going to have a problem with the drive shaft I might as well make the engine worthwhile. I finally went for twin V8s because it solved the drive shaft problem and was totally over the top.

Body: This is not stock by a long way (although it still looks it). It's been deseamed, had all its badges and trim removed, lengthened, had radiator intakes added and had the wheel arches radiused. All the stock canopy mouldings were polished out too (what a fun job that was!). Paint is Boydıs Aluma Pearl straight out the can.

Interior: Stock dash. Seat, head rest and steering wheel came from the Bathtub Buggy and the trim panels came from the Paddy Wagon. Gear shift and foot controls came from the parts box.

Engines: Two Revell Chevys with the front and rear mounts from the AMT Double Dragster kit. Intakes and valley covers came from the Paddy Wagon, as did the quick change rear end.

Exhausts, distributors, gearbox and carbs came from the parts box while the air filters and rear 'suspension' were scratchbuilt. I think it would be a close call between the clutch, the gearbox, the drive shaft, the rear suspension or the slick exploding if this were ever to be built for real but, hey, who said Showrods had to make sense?



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