Sure-Shot Sherman (kitbash)

Built by:
Harley Richards in Croydon Surrey England

OK, over to my alter ego: Otto D. Zaster.

"What is it with kids today? Their clothes and music are bad enough but their cars? I could cry. Everyone with an ounce of apple pie in their body knows that to hot-up a car you take a big, American, evil handling, under-braked tank and turn it into a big, American, evil handling, under-braked, over-powered and shiny tank. So, when you T-Bone that semi at 120 'cos your blown '69 Camaro can't haul up in time, everyone's gonna say: 'Man, that was one good looking car'. Which is where the Sure Shot Sherman comes in.

OK it ain't the quickest thing on the block (those pipes don't hook up to squat as I couldn't find the damn engine) but consider this: it's got twelve (count'em) twelve five spoke mags. That's a proper wheel for a proper car. See that grille and those fins? You're looking at 100% chromed American steel my friend, not some hi-tech-so-light-it ain't-there wimpo material. Talking of steel, you put a magnet anywhere near that body and it'll get ripped clean out you hand. If you want aluminium, boy, go buy yourself a frying pan.

But why a tank I hear you ask? Good question, and it's like this. If today's kids want low cars, this here'll give them just that. About six inches low I reckon. You see this baby in your rear view mirror (assuming you can see anything through the tinted windows and the sound vibrations) then I suggest you haul your sorry butt and your rice grinding comedy car clean out of my way, but pronto. The Sure Shot Sherman is comin' through and it ain't stopping for no one."

There again, I could just tell you that it's a Sherman tank with a ton of filling and sanding done to smooth it out. That it's got head light shrouds from a '57 Chevy and a grille, interior and bubble top from the spares box, and the fins are scratchbuilt, but where's the fun in that?


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