Agent Orange (kitbash)

Built by: Pontiac Jack , Merlynston, Victoria, Austrailia

The body was a combined effort between Scotty Harrod's (design) and 1:1 kustomizer Paul Kelly (casting)--for the full story see Scotty's Hyperion bubbletop in the Showrod Rally's Guest Gallery.

Paul sent me a casting to see what ideas I could throw at it. My idea was to build it as bubbletop/speedster.

After massaging the body and filling the back 1/2 of the cockpit, it started to take shape. I wanted it to look sporty, but I also wanted it to have a definate showrod element, so I went with classic 60's running gear.

The blown Buick nailhead from AMT's 40 ford coupe was used straight out of the box with wiring and plumbing added. That scoop is from a Tony Nancy 22jr. kit.

The Tyres and Torque Thrust wheels are from the parts box. The quickchange is from a "Paddy Wagon" with aluminium axle tubes added. The rear end is held in place bya 4 link set up from a 95 Corvette kit.

The interior has scratchbuilt console and floating dashboard, painted to simulate wood. The seats from a Stealth were narrowed, then painted metalflake orange. The shift is from the parts box (Mopar?). Black flocking covers most the interior surfaces.

Twin side exit pipes were cut into the body work,they are made from aluminium tubing and tail lights come from a 29 A P/U. The bubble was made from room deoderiser packaging--it's translucent. Paint is GMH Manderin Red.

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