41 Plymouth Pimple (kitbash)

Built by:
Scott Harrod in Ulladulla, N.S.W. Australia

This THING is the 'Plymouth Pimple'. I bought the model ( an AMT 41 Plymouth) about three years ago in a bargain bin at the local toy shop. (Nobody else would!) and tried to make it a Kustom....lost interest and shelved it until the BubbleHedz comp.

This was built in a very short time and is (even as I type) still unfinished, needs tail lights, new grill & engine bay detail.

  • Paint: Pearl Yellow & pearl White.
  • Wheels: Can't remember?
  • Bubble: Easter Egg special.
  • Kustom touches: Bubble Top, Frenched headlights, Kustom Grill, Spats & smoothen all over.
  • Time to build: Not enough.
  • Why?: why not?

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