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Super Teen Firebird
Built for America's Pop Music Talent Contest

  • Original year: 1968
  • Company: MPC
  • Scale: 1/25
  • Designer: George Barris

Superteen grand prize car...super wild, super custom from bumper to bumper! Super cantilevered roof, super roof windows, super spoiler...the Super Teen Machine! Windows swing up, cantilevered roof, V-8 engine, Hurst mag wheels, custom TV/Stereo console, custom hood, wide tread tires, custom buckets, overhead cam six engine, custom grille & bumperettes.

Click image above to see a close-up

Dave's comments:

Quite a innovative look by Baris--love the TV and the turntable stereo! Here is a testimonial from Dawn Guildner:

This car was created for a talent contest by Singer Corp. in 1968. Grand prize was this car and a recording contract with Capital records. There were three of these cars made by George Barris. One for best group, one for best female, and one for best male singer. They were awarded on a Singer TV special called The Sounds Of '68 hosted by Ed Ames and Aretha Franklin.

The car that was won in the group category was won by The Things To Come from Albert Lea , Minnesota. It was a convertible--not the gull wing depicted in the model. I bought the rest of the group's shares out and drove the car for several years.

It was the worst luck car that I have ever owned. It had several hit and runs. In about 1980, I fully restored this car for about $8,000 and drove it to Chicago for a meeting. When I returned home, we had company so I parked it in the street in front of my house. My driveway was full of the company's cars. I awoke about 2:30 in the morning to police sirens and flashing lights. The police had been chasing a kid in a stolen car. It was about a '73 Chrysler New Yorker. The chase ended with the kid slamming his car into my Superteen Firebird. They say he was going about 60mph. You can imagine there wasn't much left. I said "good riddence"--it was a bad luck car to me.

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