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Sand 'T' Buggy
Scale Dune Buggy

  • Original year: 1969
  • Company: AMT
  • Scale: 1/25
  • Designer: David Wilder & David Carlock

DUNE BUGGIES! Hybred hot rods of the wide open spaces! These conglomerations of big tires and hopped-up engines can be seen and heard roaring over the vast sand hills of lower California almost any weekend of the year. Powered by everything from Volkswagen to blown hemi's, these backyard sand-rods are another wild side of the good part of hot-rodding. AMT has duplicated examples of these road beasts, from an all out sine climbing dragster to a pair of anything goes specials in part swapping 1/25 scale.

Click image above to see a close-up

Dave's comments:

Interesting box art on this AMT kit with just the rod picture and no identification on the top. The description above reveals more poor spelling and punctuation, but I'm a slave to historical accuracy on this site so I can't correct them.



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