George Barris'
All New 49 Kustom Cars Stickers (series II)

We can assume the first series of Kustom Cars stickers was pretty successful becasue Barris sponsored a set of "All New" Kustom Cars stickers (see old wrapper on left). Like the originals, these stickers sold in packs with a stick of gum, but the price had doubled to 10 cents (wow!)

There were a total of 49 "All New" Kustom Cars stickers. Fleer again integrated a "puzzle" with this series - - but for these puzzle pieces, the front was a sticker of a show rod, while the reverse side was a "card puzzle piece."

These "series II" stickers used separate showrod stickers with checklists on their backs. This was a departure from the first series which used regular cardboard "cards" for the checklist and puzzle-piece combination.

Checklist Sticker & Puzzle Stickers


1. Seymour's Pop-Up Van

11. French Bath Tub Buggy

21. Daisy Buggy

31. Roarin' Forties

41. Grecian

2. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

12. Everycar

22. Movieland Motorcade Van

32. Ala Kart

42. My Favorite Mustang

3. Purple Flake

13. Stars and Stripes Van

23. Lloyd Thaxton Hot Rod

33. X.P.A.K. Air Car

43. Jackson Five Pantera

4. Zip Code Mail Truck

14. Thunder Charger

24. Tommy Steele's Excaliber

34. Bobby Darin's Di-Dia 150

44. Scallop Truck

5. Anilok Bird

15. Murphy's Dune Buggy

25. Dirt Tracker

35. Ada's Lincoln

45. Illusion

6. Moonscope

16. Twister 'T'

26. Bing Crosby's Ala Karte

36. Musical Firebird

46. Kopper Kart

7. Bed Buggy

17. Matell Bath House Buggy

27. Bob Hope's Klassic Kart

37. Golden Sahara

47. Super Marauder

8. Outhouse Car

18. Fun Buggy

28. Good Guys TV Car

38. Beach Boys Buggy

48. Covered Wagon

9. Mongrel 'T'

19. Beverly Hillbillies Car

29. Koratron Toyota

39. Matador

49. Super Fly Cadillac

10. Bedroom Van

20. Green Hornet

30. Dobie Gillis' Car

40. Ventura XX Double Cross

I also have a complete set of 30 "Series I" stickers in my collection. 

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