George Barris'
30 Kustom Cars Stickers (series I)

In the mid-1970's, Fleer Corporation manufactured collector stickers for many show rods and customs. The stickers displayed photos of real show rods--most of them created by George Barris. The back of each sticker had a short description of the rod. You will recognize many of the rods as scale plastic models, while others (to my knowledge) never had scale models developed in their honor.

Sponsored by George Barris, "The King of the Kustomizers," they were sold in packs with gum for 5 cents a pack (see old wrapper on left). The original "Series 1" set of stickers numbered 30 in all. The packs also contained a "checklist" card, on which one side was a checklist of all 30 cars. The reverse side was a "puzzle piece." When the puzzle was completed, it displayed a picture of Barris by one of his rods.

See the Checklist Card and a Puzzle Piece


1.Romp TV Police Car

7. Martian Spider

13. Boothill Express

19. Raider's Coach

25. Voxmobile Movie Machine

2. Monkeemobile

8. Monster Cycle

14. Redd Foxx 'Li'l Redd Wrecker'

20. Daktari Jeep

26. Bunk Bed Buggy

3.Raspberries VW Rolls

9. Twin Bathtub

15. Tastee Big 'T'

21.Alvins Acorn

27. Ala Milk Truck

4. Hard Hat Hauler

10. TV Bearcats

16. Ronald McDonald 'Buggy'

22. Sex Machine

28. ZZR-Spy Rod

5. Rickshaw Buggy

11. Pizza Wagon

17. Bugaloo TV Tub

23. Barber Car

29. Pink Panther

6. Sand Draggin'

12. Gould Delta Coupe

18. Invader Roadster

24. Batmobile

30. Drag Buggy

I also have a complete set of 49 "Series II" stickers in my collection. 

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