Over the years, there have been many interesting new articles about show rods, the men who designed and built them, the artists who did the box art for the model kits, and companies who made the those kits. Here's a chance to "read all about it!"

Most articles are in "PDF" format and can be viewed with the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Poseable Skeletons Don't limit yourself to a single pose for that skinny show rod driver--follow these clever techniques to make "poseable" skeletons. Cricket in New Smyrna Beach, Florida
I can see clearly now A step-by-step illustrated guide on how to use a polishing kit and Future floor wax to get out those annoying scratches in your old show rod window glass. Scott Doyle of Memphis, TN
Decaling the Whyte Way We're selling decals now on the Rally and want eveyone to know the best techniques for application. This SAE article is an excellent summary of how waterslide decals should be prepared and applied. Scale Auto Enthusiast
June 1998
"New Deal" '57 cHEVY! Rally contributor Michael Curry shows us his techniques for restoring and enhancing this Dave Deal classic. For a successful project, be sure to heed his "top-10" tips at the end of the article...1.4MB Michael Curry of San Francisco, California
1969 MPC Catalog promo These 1969 MPC catalog promo pages reveals part of MPC's marketing strategy at the height of the show rod craze. Generously provided by Rally fan Jim Wallace. (viewable in browser; not a .pdf) Jim Wallace of Petaluma, California
Learning to Flock! Want that fuzzy velour look on those classic show rod seats and floors? Then dig this "member contribution" by Brandon Flannery on how easy it is to "flock". A great step-by-step guide for all show rod fans!...177K Brandon Flannery of Gainesville, Georgia
Vinyl Slick Solution! In our first "member contribution," Randy Koger, gives us a "slick" technique to make those ugly two-piece Racemaster slicks look like the real deal. Way to go Randy and thanks from all Rally members!...124K Randy Koger of San Francisco, California
A surfer's dream without the surf: Restorer revives wood-sided car. Excellent update on custom car builder and designer Chuck Miller who built the Fire Truck, and many other custom cars including the full-scale version of Tom Daniel's Red Baron...60K Detroit Free Press on-line
February 2000
Boot Hill Express:
Ray Farhner has long been noted for building outstanding show cars. This, his latest, has to be about the kookiest thing on wheels.
A short (two-page) synopsis of one of the all-time great show rods, the Boot Hill Express. Primarily promotion photos. ..750K Hot Rod
March 1967
NEWT! (part 2):
Studios, which let him do what he always wanted to do-design wild cars that would actually get built. Then Reality set in.
In part two of this series on Ed Newton, we learn more about his sometimes contentious relationship with Ed Roth, his years with Roach Inc., and how he designed the famous late-70s "RoachCoach" show rod. Ed's design philosophies, recent projects and original illustrations make this an amazing finish for the show rod fan...2.2MB Hot Rod
December 2000
NEWT! (part 1):
From Roth to roach to resin models, Ed Newton has brought from art and Kar Kulture to the masses than probably anyone.
Artist/Designer Ed Newton is profiled in part one of this series. His early days as an airbrushing T-shirt artist, and how he came to work with Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. Interesting examples of his work are shown including the original illustration he did which eventually became the Surfite and credit to Ed for the Bob Reisner Sand Draggin and Pink Panther show rods...1.7MB

Hot Rod
November 2000

PROFILE: That 70s Kit Designer
Tom Daniel

A summary of the career of the most prolific show rod model kit designer of all time, Tom Daniel. Includes interview with Tom, multiple photos from his archive, and a listing of his kits with Monogram from 1967 to 1975...650K Scale Auto Enthusiast
February 2000
Getting started in the hobby: A shopping list for first-time model car builders A summary of the tools and supplies needed to begin building model cars. Details three levels of commitment: getting started, intermediate, advanced...318K Scale Auto Enthusiast
January 2000
'T' Time
Ford Model T kits through the years
A celebration of the all-time great model 'T' kits. Includes Rally kits: XR-6, Winged Express, Green Hornet, Black Widow, Tweedy Pie and the Outlaw. Includes extensive listing of Ford model 'T' kits by all manufacturers...1.3MB Scale Auto Enthusiast
April 2000

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