The Wurst

Built by: Dave Kapp in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

I built this 1/32 scale fire truck /hot dog rod box stock. Unlike most of my old Aurora kits, it was an unbuilt kit and not a glue bomb rescued via eBay. It was pretty darn challenging none the less.

This particular kit was dated 1970 and was part of the Aurora “Scene Machine” series. Many of the parts, especially the base of the cowl and the paneling around the food area were poorly fitting and required a bit of work.

On top of all, the entire model, including the gold plated parts were molded in a very ugly purple plastic. This required a lot of priming and it was eventually finished in Tamiya red.

A bit of gold plating had to be replaced where some parts were cut from the trees. This was replaced by scraping a bit of plating off a sprue and gluing it with clear windshield cement over the ugly purple plastic.



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