Tijuana Taxi

Built by: Eric Grey in Palo Alto, California

This actually is a conversion, or scratch built, or a
kitbash depending how you define those things since none of the parts are actually from a Tijuana Taxi kit.

I wanted to build a TT but you know--they are hard to find so I thought--why not create one. I looked
though Dave's show room to find a model that had the same profile since many show rods share the same basic design. Luckily an easy-to-find kit --The Paddy Wagon is very close to the TT. So anyway, the basic frame and cab are the Paddy Wagon. The back of the Taxi is actually the roof of the Paddy Wagon which gave it that nice slope.

The other kit that plays a roll in this TT is Dick
Brannons SOHC Ford Mustang Bronco by Model King. It provides the engine, the fuel tank, tires and wheels, and steering wheel. I regret miscalculating the placement of the engine. It is a little too forward which pushes everything else forward which throws off the profile a bit.

Random other parts--the headlamps and shift lever are Pie Wagon, the plated steps and side lamps are Vampire Van. Scratch built parts include--horns (one busted for character!), flooring, roof, chicken coop, suitcase (balsa wrapped in masking tape), and chest. Chickens from the hobby shop.

Click image above to SUPERSIZE it!

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