Whiskey Delivery
from the Beer Wagon

Beer Wagon upgrade

Built by: George Allen

I started with an original issue Beer Wagon. I removed all of the molded chassis details and went at it like an actual build, one could drive if built.

The chassis received a chrome rear end from the parts box. Buick drums were added from the Barris ice cream truck. the front suspension is from AMT 55 Nomad with parts box extras.

I lowered the rear ladder bars to achieve a more appealing stance. Wheels are from the nomad as well with deep-dish rings from the parts box. Tires are the new AMT issue kits. The engine is revell olds from the beatnik kit with parts box scoop and tranny from the parts pack...the more chrome the better.

I created a transfer case from Baja beast leftovers and plastic stock. taillights stock with drilled out lenses. I inserted red lenses for realism. Headlights are center caps from Ice Creame truck wheels with lenses from the parts box. The body was left stock with the exception of opening the hood. I created a real appearance radiator by adding plastic and radiator grills to the inner areas.

I tossed the plastic bed in favor of a complete wood bed. I designed it from the kit dimensions and added real chain for that cool look. the interior was left box stock with the addition of a new steering system and stick shift. real wood was used for the floorboards and flocking was used on the inner cab walls. gauge decals on the dash tell the vitals. Satin black seats and chrome foil finish it up.

The paint was a new deal for me, heavy flake is hard in this scale and required tons of clear and sanding to achieve a smooth appearance. Base coat is chrome gold decanted from a flip can. The flake is also a flip can gold from the craft store...this stuff gets everywhere.

I then laid on tons of Tamiya clear yellow and clear mixture to lay it all down. Top it with some after market decals and we have a cool Whiskey Delivery.

This was the first Show Rod I have ever done. It was a fun departure from my 50"s customs and Gassers I so enjoy. I am currently starting an original issue Wild Dream I intend to update it and put my spin on things.

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