S'Cool Bus

S'Cool Bus

Built by: Bert Wallace

This is my first build of the Tom Daniel S’Cool Bus.  As a kid, I thought it was one of the coolest kits in the modeling world.  However, as a kid mid 70s, I did not buy one with my chore money or receive one as a gift.  When I got back into modeling as an adult, and discovered Ebay, I bought a couple. 

I painted the inside of the two piece chassis yellow and taped up the holes. I then painted it silver and filled in the seam between the two halves.  I added some details to the open areas using junk from the parts box and misc. decals.  These doo dads serve as space filler and have no real world application. 

On the engines I added fuel and injector hoses, plug wires, and cooling lines. Again, I was adding detail for the way it looked, I did not follow any accurate 1:1 reference.  It is a model kit after all and not a replica of a 1:1 bus.  The rest of the chassis is box stock,  I just added some detail painting and misc. decals.

The bus body is box stock and I used the kit decals.   The busses I rode in Jr. high school were black and yellow with silver trimmed aluminum windows.  The paint jobs were not like a super shiny show rod.  I decided to paint it like the busses I rode every morning and afternoon.  I used black foil for the horizontal stripes and  I painted the front fenders and grille semi-gloss black.  The interior of the body is painted semi-gloss black as well.  

The yellow is  Krylon farm implement spray paint, school bus yellow.  This kit was a reissue so it had clear windows rather than orange.  I had some red acetate in the parts bin large enough to do the glass, so I used the clear windows as templates.  I thought the windows needed to be colored and not scratched up clear.

I thoroughly enjoyed building this kit.  These old Monogram kits have good hefty styrene and go together nicely.  I plan on building a couple more of these.  Of course, I’m thinking of one as a wheelstander, or a build with two Allison engines.  Who knows what will come out of the old bus barn next.

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