Water Truck (kitbash)

Built by: Scott Harrod in Ulladulla, N.S.W. Australia

G'day Dave, well after much stuffin' around, here are the final shots of the Water Truck. My home office is now in need of a good 'ol vacumin' to get rid of the beach sand!!!

Now the facts.......After checking out "Showrods" I thought to myself ( HHHMMM this needs some Ozzie content), so I scribbled down a little design that T.D. would'a thought of if he was an Ozzie.

After a few months I found a Beer Wagon on the bargain shelf of a local store and bought it home for a few changes to build my idea in 1/24th! As you can see there are a few differences in the artwork and the model....but what the hey...a bloke can change his mind, eh? I know there are a few bodgie bits in this thing, but I'll end up doing more later, when I can acquire more bits. Hope 'U' like!

Click on Scott's Box above to enlarge it to full size

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