Rella's Rod (kitbash)

Built by: Dave Van in Mint Hill, North Carolina

Some of my all time favorite models are Tom Daniel's showrods. When the Beer Wagon first came out, I did not have the $1.27 Kmart wanted for it so I built one out of balsa wood scraps I had left over from an airplane.

Well now I have almost all of Tom's kits I started wishing that someone would do some new TD kits. When I saw no new kits anytime soon, I thought about what Tom might do if he did a new showrod. After I looked at what he had done, I thought maybe a Cinderella hot rod would work.

I started Rella's Rod with a cake-decoration Cinderella coach in styrene plastic. I removed the pumpkin from the wagon wheel chassis and made a new chassis out of Evergreen plastic. The 'horsepower' came from two Revell Pontiac parts pack engines. I used these because they were all chrome and the scoops looked a little like a horse head.

Wheels, tires and suspension are from the Hangman kit. Supports for the driver seat is dollhouse fence. Running boards are Grandt Line castings. The rear seat came from a Munsters coach. Everything else came from the parts box, some I don't even know what they were from.

Rella's Rod was finished in Tamiya white pearl spray can and trimmed with Tamiya purple for the upholstery. Tamiya clear yellow turned all the chrome to gold plating. Cinderella is a 1/25 toy figure. I hope we do get some new TD kits, but until then I have a few more ideas in mind. Have fun and keep on building!!


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