Built by: Paul Burke in Cotati, California

The Vandal is another kit that sat in my local hobby shop for years, and nobody seemed to want. After seeing Brandon's built up in the gallery, I thought, this is a cool ride, and bought the kit.

Drawing on the wild 70's , I decided to go with gold tones on the paint. I ground down the roof and filled it with Evercoat glazing putty, and let me tell you, this stuff is the best. It dries fast and doesn't shrink.

I laid a base coat of Pearl White over the whole van. I began taping out different parts of the model and laying down the candy and pearls, Persimmons, Sunset Gold, Candy Brandy Wine, Violet, then Pagen Gold over the whole car to blend it all in.

I used stinsel to create the sunrise scene on the side panel and fogged it in Blue and Black. I did the interior in Tan and Gray flock, and tinted the wind shield. The blower cap and carbs are from the new Coupster kit, and to top it off, I slammed the front of the van to the ground.

I'll get to the mini bike one of these days, Another fun TD original.


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