Road Agent

Built by: Paul Burke in Cotati, California

I was really glad when they brought back the Road Agent, though sadly, it's now discontinued again. At least the tooling is there for reissues in the future. There are differences in the new tooling verses the old, mainly in the engine and the chassis. Once built, you would never know the difference unless you were really looking.

The Color of the real Road Agent has always remained a mystery, since whenever I have done research on the car, the color is different from magazine to magazine. According to Larry Watson, who did most of the Painting for Big Daddy, It was a Candy Razzberry, so that's what I shot for, but I'm still way off. Oh well !! I still have about 20 of these kits, so one day I'll get it right.

The kit is box stock, only I used the engine from the Gypsy Dune Buggy Kit, which by the way, is what happened to the original Road Agent tooling. I detailed the engine, shot clear yellow over that pink bubble top, and drilled the headlight openings out so I could mount the lenses from the rear. I shot the interior in Magenta , and flocked the deck in pink.

I pinstriped the body using Form A Line tape I bought at an art supply store There is a great article in the March 1999 issue in Custom Rodder on Mark Moriarity and his restoration of the Agent. He did a beautiful job. Roth was truly a great artist.


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