Built by: Tory Mucaro

I’ve wanted to build this kit for years, so when the 1st Annual Cobweb Classic was announced on the Coffin Corner I figured here finally was my excuse. I mean what is more appropriate for a contest called the Cobweb Classic than a car named and styled after a spider?

Right from the beginning I decided my T’rantula would not be green. I remembered reading on Tom Daniels’ website that he had painted his orange, a sort of Brazilian T’rantula in his words. The idea really appealed to me. I also decided that since I almost never see any of these built with the drag chute deployed, mine would have to have one. Of course this meant that it would also have to have a driver. I converted a driver figure from an old Monogram World of Outlaws sprint racer. Unfortunately, he was seated rather than reclined, so a whole lot of cutting, filling and smoothing was required. But he soon looked the part, was painted mostly black with orange and white striping on his suit, and his helmet painted to match the car body.

I also decided that my model would have a way for the driver to enter and exit the vehicle, so I modified the roof by cutting it 3/8” from the rear of the car and adding some styrene sheet hinges. The back of the roof was glued to the body and smoothed in, while the front was left off until after the body was painted and interior and driver added. I also filled in the opening left on the interior sides and wheel wells after assembling the body parts (those that have built this kit know the areas of which I speak). Once the body was smoothed over with primer and putty, I sprayed the roof, engine and area ahead of the engine HOK Sunset Orange Pearl over a base coat of flat white. These areas were masked and the rest of the body was sprayed Ford Orange Blast Pearl.

I then applied the decals including the custom made spider web graphics I did in Adobe Illustrator and printed on clear decal film. The thin white pin striping is white decal stock cut into thin strips and curves. I used the kit “T’rantula” and sponsor decals as well. After the decals had dried for several days, I over coated everything with two part urethane clear. The model was assembled pretty much stock except for the plug wires made from very fine solder. I never cared for the radiator/fuel tank on the front of the car, so I removed the decorative cap and added it to the general area.

The last thing was the drag chute. After airbrushing the inner surfaces with the same colors found on the body, I added decals I made and printed myself to represent the cartoon spider on the box art. The exterior of the chute was painted flat black. For the chute lines I went with black thread, stiffened with super glue.  After spending several hours attempting to get them straight, I now know why you don’t see many of these built with the drag chutes deployed. The final touch was mounting the car and chute to a base made of painted composite board.

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