Built by: Jeff Miller / Chino Hills, CA U.S.A.

Buggin U

When I learned of the re-release of AMT’s  Sting-ree  kit, like many others I thought that if I could find a good used Bug-a-Boo body then I could recreate the kit in stock form.  As you can see, something happened alone the way, that something was the gift of a custom built V-10 Hemi top fuel engine given to me by a friend. 

Upon receipt, I told him that 10 cylinders wasn’t’ enough & that it’s time to “go big “...! 
Still at this point all I had was an idea & a ½ built V-10 Hemi, plus a whole lot of reality in my way.

Not one to relent, I purchased a new Sting-ree kit & found a good used Bug-a-Boo on a popular auction site. True, this was not a cheap way out but at the time I had no other options & soon found myself with the necessary parts to begin.

The Chassis; stock with minor adjustment to the frame to mount the motor & relocate the fuel tank to the rear, plus parts box wheelie bars.

The Body; is basically stock except for that huge hole I enlarged to accept the V-16 monster I added plus a scratch built firewall & inner body supports.

The Engine; stitched together 2 Revell top fuel engines & added a parts box transmission. I was able to thank Scott Colmer for allowing me rummage through his parts by adding ribs to further detail my engine block. In return I was able to assemble 4 matched blowers & the perfect oil pan. Everything above the blowers is scratch built.

Tires & Wheels; front tires & wheels generously donated by Dave “Scurvy” McGowen, rear wheels
From Revell pro-mod with AMT slicks.

Paint & Decals; I simply went nuts with the HOK lacquer, silver flake, candy red, pearl ghost flames & anything else I could dream up. The decals are by Mark Jones/Decal Master including those slick rear tail lights.

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