Surf Woody

Built by: Paul Burke in Cotati, California

I had the good fortune to grow up in the San Francisco Bay area in the 50's and 60's. Every year dad would take me to the Oakland Roadster Show at the old Exhibition building in downtown Oakland, its original home.

I got to see a lot of these show rods the first time they were ever shown in public, and in '65 I saw the Surf Woody, by George Barris (designed by none other than Tom Daniel). I love this car, and built twice when I was a kid. Through EBAY, I have acquired 3 of them, and built one.

This is pretty much right out of the box. I painted it HOC Pearl Orange over White, then a few light coats of Candy Persimmons over that, then clear coated. The interior is white pearl, With HOC Cocoa Brown seats. I plumbed and wired the engine, and detailed all the little stuff: TV, telephone, and what not. A real great kit for its time, and a fun one to build!

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