Cherry Bomb

Built by: Paul Burke in Cotati, California

Tom Daniel came onto the modeling scene about the time I was ending my first phase of model building. I find his stuff really fun to build. It's so wacky as it is, but with a few added touches, you can build a real smoker

Two of these kits sat in my local hobby shop for a couple of years, 'till I finally picked one up. It took me 2 days to Finnish, and it ended up winning the peoples' choice award at the 50th Annual Sacramento AutoRama (out of 2,000 models) Go figure!!!!

I painted the car a base coat of House of Color Solar Gold, then 5 coats of HOC Candy Cherry Red. Then I applied a few coats of HOC Candy Brandy Wine for depth. Once that dried, I masked the the body lines on each side of the cockpit and up around the roof, then sprayed a few coats of HOC Goldmine Pearl, followed by 3 light coats of candy Pagan Gold to tie it all together. I then fogged around the body seams with Black and cleared the heck out of it with a can of Plasticoat A.L. Clear Coat. I let it set up over night, then lightly color sanded it and polished it out. I was in a hurry!

For the interior I simply left it in primer, except for the seat, which I painted HOC Pearl Black (which looks exactly like real vinyl), and the dash matches the car. I sanded the stock instrument panel off. Then I took a large drill bit and slowly turned it by hand till I had a nicely shaped dish in the center of the dash, then 2 smaller ones on each side of that. I then applied decal gauges, and added a steering wheel, which I thought looked cool.

The wheels are from the Ice Tea and the tires are from the AMT 53 Ford flip nose pickup in the rear, and 13" Dunlops in the front and trailer. The bike and trailer are stock and painted to match. A simple, fun to build, and great looking kit when its done.


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