Surf-ite Pie Wagon

Built by: Dan Myers in Pecatonica, Illinois

I built this car as a Multi-Club challenge a few years back. I started this Surf-ite/Pie Wagon custom with a bag kit of the Surf-ite, when locating the surfboards in the bag. I didn't realize that I had the Surf-ite Kit until I showed a friend. He thought of the Idea of creating the Surf-ite Challenge. I had decided to do something wild, and I was going through my stash of kits and pulled out the Pie Wagon and set the top of the Surf-ite body on the belly pan of the Pie-Wagon, and shazaam it was all down hill from there.

I had to remove the roof of the Surfite because it had gotten partially crushed in the bag hat I had purchased. I had to Section the interior Tub out of the Surfite and relocate the bottom of the Interior. I cut the rear of the Belly pan so the Surfboard would fit in the correct position.

I cut the Upper half of the Pie-Wagon Body right at the door lines and removed the Headlight sockets by the drivers compartment. I filed in the opening with some sheet styrene. I had also cut the floor pan of the Pie-Wagon so the car would have a firewall. I used Automotive Body Filler (Bondo) to get the contours filled in correctly. I had worked the body for several months to get it to look like it does. This was about an hour a night, because of other commitments.

The Primer I used was the 98 cent paint from Awl-Mart. The main base coat is Dupli-color DS GM 348 Light Blue M. I gave it two coats after The Primer was hidden well. I did the best that I could with wet sanding after the final coats. Once I had the color established I air brushed the car with three light coats of Boyds Ice Blue Pearl Acrylic. I wet sanded between the second and third coats. I used the Dupli-Color clear after the paint had cured for about a week. I gave it two clear coats with a sanding between coats. I stopped after the second coat for I couldn't get it to shine properly.

The Interior is painted with Light Ghost Grey and a medium Grey. As You can see I used the lighter color for the inserts of the interior. I painted the Engine Oldsmobile Blue to compliment the body color. I had used a sponge cut to fit the interior opening so I didn't get a paint build up on the interior and take away the shallow engraving.

I used the Pie Wagon Drive train and suspension for the car, since they where the best looking for the Model. I had to modify the left rear shock so that the suspension would fit correctly. The windshield is a cut piece of the clear blue report folders. Again I used blue to compliment the body again.

The Steering Wheel and Shifter are from the Pie-Wagon Kit. I Scratch built the pedals in the interior from small pieces of styrene. I used the Dash Decals from the Pie-Wagon. The License Plate is from the Locale Model Club that I am in. The Tail Light is again a piece of styrene bare metal foil and Clear Tamyia Red. I had also sanded the mold lines out of the carburetor intakes and then bare metalloid it with the matte aluminum foil.

I am an active member of the Rockford Wheels In Scale plastic Model Club. I am currently the Newsletter Editor and Club Contact for the Club. I also Belong to Kustom Kemps In Miniature, of Davenport, Iowa. K.K.I.M. Encourages this type of Insanity for building. The President of Both Clubs build Mild to Wild Custom Models.

The reason I like this Can is that I enjoyed building it. It has that different look that catches the eye. Fellow Club Members like it for the reason it's different and Dan, by gosh it is you. I enjoy building anything and everything. If it catches my eye I will build it eventually

I have been told That I have quite the unique building capability in the bizarre type subjects. I am currently building a Hum-Dorado (a Hummer and Cadillac Eldorado Hi-bread) I have recently finished a PT Battle Cruiser, but those are another Story, for another time

Thanks for your time and I hope you all Enjoy!

Dan Myers RWIS Newsletter Editor / Club Contact

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