Bad Medicine

Built by: John Greczula in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

This is an original Bad Medicine kit built in the mid 80s when I was 15. Finding this kit at that time was an unbelievable thrill!

It has the best paint job I've ever airbrushed on a model, featuring custom-mixed Testors metallic enamel paint over a flat base/primer coat and several coats of Varathane "clear" over top, including the decals (which I regret doing, due to yellowing with age). I also used chrome pinstriping tape on the raised edge around the coffin-shaped seat.

The motor was wired and plumbed with custom wire looms formed and added to the valve covers for the ignition wires. Somewhat crude compared to today's photoetched stuff, but not bad for a kid! I formed a new scythe lever from wire and a new hand for the skeleton to hold it, as I thought the original was too chunky looking. I did the same thing with the drag link - replaced it with aluminum rod, keeping the bones on either end, to give a finer appearance.

The Monogram Tom Daniel Designed Bad Medicine is my favorite model kit of all time. It was the first TD kit I ever built, on my 7th Birthday. After that, the TD-Monogram combination had me hooked!

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