Surf Hearse (from the Surf Woody)

Built by: Paul Canney in Avon Lake, Ohio

I just love this version of the Surf Woody. It's "real" looking, and adds an extra element of fun to an already fun car.

After building the roadster version, the paint wasn't dry on that before starting up on this. It amazes me when looking at them side by side how similar yet different that are. This was built over 9 days.

With the exception of the support rods, MRC Cragar mags and AMT 25 T-bucket headers, this is all out the 2003 reissue's box.

Cobra Colors Rosso Fiorano Metallic lacquer is buried under 2 coats of Candy Violet and 2 more Candy Grape that have been laced with purple and blue pearl flakes. The kit decals aren't as crisp as what we've come to expect in the 21st century, but add to the nostalgic look of this historic kit.

Even though it's obviously a modified Surf Woody, I wanted it to have a little personality of it's own underneath as well. Hence the headers and wheel changes. And besides, I save my MRC Cragars for very special projects.

The fenders needed to be modified to mount correctly. The rears are moved outward with plastic spacers. And the fronts needed major surgery to get them to hug the Indy profiles. But well worth the extra work. Why the green plug wires? beats me.

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