Li'l 'Stogie Wagon

Built by: Harley Richards in Croydon, Surrey, England

This was just one of a pile of glue bombs cluttering up the work bench until I decided to finally take stock of what was salvageable and what was scrap. On closer inspection, all the really unique Stogie parts were present and correct but the engine and front half of the cab had really suffered from an over application of glue, and a lot of the chrome was shot.

So, one weekend's frantic activity produced what you see here, which is box stock except for the front wheels and tyres, tie rod, injector stacks and fan belt assembly (but I did salvage the alternator!) Most of the chrome is Alclad or Bare Metal Foil. As the engine is largely hidden I made do with filling and filing but it doesn't warrant looking at too closely as there's only so much you can do with really badly warped pieces (hence the injector stacks being made from aluminium, the originals had melted completely out of shape due to too much glue.)

The best part was doing the weathering on the "wood" and cargo. That was the one thing I enjoyed during a brief spell of military modelling so it was a welcome change to break out the weathering brushes and pastels for a change. Hopefully it's obvious from the pictures but I wanted the wood to look like it had been bleached from being out in the sun for many years.

I know it's a rare piece (OK, a very rare piece) but, for me at least, I get a lot more pleasure out of building something and enjoying the finished article than just having a box of bits sitting on the shelf doing nothing. And, even if they do reissue it, I've still got the original box art to treasure!

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