Super Safari

Built by: Paul Canney ~ Sharon Center, Ohio

This is an old 1969 issue Revell Super Safari that I bought on eBay. When I got it, it was a badly built, unpainted glue bomb.

The windshield was covered with glue and finger prints and essentially useless. The chassis was broken in 2 parts but luckily the then recent "Gypsy" Revell dune buggy release had the exact same chassis/ floor pan.

I got creative with the aluminum tubing on this build. First is the roll bar which was loaded up with solid core solder berfore bending. Next the rear bumper which I first loaded a guitar string into after polishing the small rod. Lastly are the dual exhaust pipes which start out as solder and end up in 3 different diameter shots of tube forming dual exhaust mufflers.

The headlight lenses are drops of clear epoxy and the taillights colored epoxy. The windshield is a cut down cd jewel case. The dash is a cutdown photoetch piece and the paint is Cobra Colors Prowler Orange pearl lacquer.

The astute Showrod Rally visitor will recognize that this kit as not one of the exclusive 275 showrods accepted as Guest Gallery elligible.

But when the Rallymaster himself asks you to submit it. You just smile & do it.

Though not given due credit on the Revell box, the Super Safari was designed by our own Tom Daniel! and was built from there by Dick Dean.

There is an informative webpage chronicaling the beginning and build up of the Super Safari and untimely end.

It's a great piece to read through so click below and check it out!

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