Streetle Beetle

Built by: Paul Canney in Avon Lake, Ohio

Back in my Volkswagen days, my buddy's father had an orange 1964 beetle with a 40 Ford nose on it. One day, knowing I had this addiction to model building, my buddy showed up with this kit, the AMT Streetle Beetle.

He wanted me to build it for his Dad, so he'd have a model of his real car. When I opened the box and saw the shorty body and lack of any interior detail at all, I handed it back explaining that what he wanted to do was impossible. 

The kit is nothing less than the Meyers Manx dune buggy with a modified body to utilize the Manx chassis, which by the way is where this chassis comes from. Fuel Tank is Polar Lights Blue Max. The Hurst mags are from an ancient MPC Super teen Firebird. Paint is of course, Cobra Colors lacquer (Marina Blue).Tail light housings are from the Revell pink bug, with lenses made of 2 part epoxy over red paint.

The Monogram Green Hornet pinstripe decal reacted badly to the clear lacquer I covered the paint in. What a shame they didn't release this with an unshortened body. It woulda been cool! This is just silly weirdness.



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