Dog Catcher (clone)

Built by: Bob Schaffer in Linden, New Jersey

I've wanted a Monogram Dog Catcher for a while now, so when DECAL DIGS! released the decals, I decided to build a "clone" from the Tom Daniel Sand Shark.

I used an extra bottom as a new front top, scratched a firewall and opened the cages back up. The orange pearl is nail polish. I cast the front scoops from a friend's original. This exposes the Indy car-inspired front end the way it was intended to be. I corrected the header flanges to fit the kit's 8-carb Pontiac mill (3 ports) and added cast metal spark plugs, magneto and wires.

The rear wheels are Groovy Grader items with wheels made from 1/20 Can Am car outers mated to Baja Bandito inners. Not exactly right, but at least they are "TD"-ish.

The dog shown here is a borrowed original, flocked white, but I have a resin repro dog in it now. The canopy is tinted using transparent Tamiya orange and a little red.

It turned out well and has some swoopy body lines a lot of showrods don't have. It's a nice addition to my collection

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