Built by: Brady Fox

It all started with this model. I’ve always been into Ed Roth’s "bubble top" cars. Paging through Hot Rods & Customs of the 60’s by Andy Southard, Jr. I saw the picture of the Silhouette and new I had to buy the model and build it! I’m a sucker for the details and wanted to build it as close to the real car as possible. This was the only picture I had so there were a few items I wasn’t sure about. I started by painting the frame flat black, and then used bright chrome Bare-Metal foil on the front suspension. I built the engine box stock, but used an aftermarket intake manifold. I painted the model with Testors ruby red metal flake with a silver base. The interior is Testors gloss white with gloss black on the seats. I used matte aluminum Bare-Metal foil in the coves on the sides of the body.

I just got my Novus kit so I sanded the crap out of the models finish to get that "shine". Well, let’s just say I got carried away in a few spots. Overall I was happy with the way it polished out without using a clear coat.

Having not built a model for years I thought it was a fun build. The cursing began when I tried to put the front nerf bars on. Still looking for a good paint for the "white" on the tires.


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