Rommel's Rod

Built by: Keiran Murphy , Australia

Several years ago,out of curiousity,I ask a friend to see whether this kit was still available,as the last time I had owned/seen one was back in ' 75,I found out the tooling for it was destroyed apparently?Human nature being what it is,when told you can't have IT,makes IT all the more desirable

so...EBAY!!! I watched the auction for days,12hrs before its conclusion the seller informed us the skeletons were missing,I thought I might be able to take advantage of this,so here it is....

I wanted more of a limo' appearance,Erwin being the aristocrat,so the front wheels were tucked up under the guards,the tracks were 'Dremelled' to death,set further off the body & tweeked to allow for the drop in the front end & the 'spats' were added,a large exhaust for the Maybach engine,the 'rag' top & parcel tray on the back were fitted.The driver position was all wrong,as the seats were to high..FIXED!

The guns weren't to scale so new ones were made,the front one kept in a similar position but made 'user friendly'. The paint work is a 1/2,1/2 composition,gloss black & white walls toward the front,satin 'later war' camoflarge at the rear.The figures were sculptured from spare parts & patience,the master Sgt. riding shot gun & Erwin,with his Field Marshal's baton,are both skeletal but,at the time I built this Rommel's driver was still amongst the living & I didn't want to resign him to an early grave,hence the old man at the wheel.

The rear cab has a marbled floor,cedar writing desk with a lamp & his personal keep sake 'Monty's' head,a gramaphone is in there as well.The rear tray has various bits, helmet, webbing etc.& Rommel's insignia,the fox wearing the picklehaulbe....which was artist's license actually.The box has been coated in resin as a base.


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