Street Fighter 2 'Camino' (kitbash)

Built by: Ira Dahm in Cotati, California

The SF2 Camino was originally a Tom Daniel custom 1960 Chevy panel truck with "wraparound boat style bucket seats". I wanted to expand on the speed boat styling idea, so I removed the top and created an El Camino roadster.

There is no separation between the interior and pick up bed and this really adds to the speed boat look. I usually use parts from several different kits to build a custom model, but this time I limited the SF2 Camino project to the Street Fighter Two parts only.

Here's how his custom "Land Cruiser" the SF2 Camino was built. First the panel truck top including the windshield frame were cut off with a razor saw. The front grill was sanded to remove the chrome and then it was glued in place with the front roll pan. The rear roll pan was also glued in place. The roll pans and grill were then smoothed with putty.

A simple sectioning was done by removing about 1/8" from the bottom edge of the body sides. The rear wheel wells were reshaped using the fronts as a template. Note: you can lower the rear of the car, and reduce the width of the rear axle to clear the tires, if you don't want to change the rear wheel well shape.

The front end was lowered by removing a small amount from the front springs. The rear of the car was lowered about 1/4". Here's how ; cut off the axle mounts from the "ladder bars", then reshape them and glue the left axle mount to the right ladder and the right to the left. The rear shocks will also need to be shortened a bit.

The body was painted gloss white and the interior is red with flocking. The grill is flat black. The Street Fighter Two decals were applied, (note; the side decals were cut down from the panel side decals). The windshield was then cut down with a Dremel tool and sanded smooth with a sanding board (fingernail filing board). The trim on the windshield was done with silver stripping tape.

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