S'Cool Bus

Builder: Michael Gainey
cc: Manic Modeler

I never built this one as a child but remembered it vividly from seeing it in the stores. 

It is basically box stock as I did not know about wiring engines at the time, a big regret. 

I wanted to come up with a paint scheme a bit "s'cooler" than a real school bus, so I did a "fire-like" red, orange, yellow fade job with an air brush. 

To maintain the spirit of a real school bus I left as much yellow as practical.  I duplicated this fade job on the engine blowers and engine blocks.   

When it came time to apply the decals, I left off the black stripes as I felt it made the school bus less "cool" and took away the appeal of the customized paint job. 

[and the crazy kids in the windows -editor]

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