Piping Hot!

Builder by: Jim Garubba (plastimatic) – Sterling, VA

A kit that really wasn’t on my radar as kid, but now that it’s 50 years old and rare, why not.

So, here’s my build of MPC’s show-roddded version of the 1926 Bullnose Morris Cowley Roadster. Basically making use of an already handsome Airfix (albeit simple) car kit and adding big chrome parts and street rod wheels to it. Part of a four-car series.

At 1/32 scale, the kit itself has some nice lines, but I couldn’t resist adding those “Wild Drag” parts. The instructions only give basic info as to the placement of the extra bits. The supplied rear slicks were too big to fit inside the fenders, so I scrounged up some replacements from a Lindberg kit.

And I had to scratch up a new steering unit (the original couldn’t hold up to being stepped on – go figure).

Painted a deep yellow with a set of homegrown replacement decals. The space where the spare tire sat on the running board was never addressed for the hot rod version, so I dressed one of the stock wheels up with a body-colored cover.



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