Rommel's Rod - custom build

Built by: Oliver Scheitza in Berlin Germany

I thought a "real" Rommels Rod - kit is much too expensive and hard to find... So I decided to build my own one from a "Mercedes 540 K" (Revell/Germany 1:25) and a "Panzer IV" (Academy 1:35). I have never planned to build a exact replica, more a mix of "Hotrod" and "what could have been"

The Mercedes was cut behind the seats, but I kept the lower radius from the rear mudguard. The Panzer IV was shortened and the mudguards and flaps were replaced by photo etched parts. To keep the whole construction straight, I made all the chassis-work on an old shelf-board.

The motor is scratch build, even the turret and the wooden floor mats. Many parts came from old militairy kits and the "DAK" Volkswagen (Hasegawa 1:24).

I've used Tamiya-Fine Surface Primer, Tamiya TS-46 "light sand", Mr. Hobby-Topcoat (The best clear coat ever!!!) and Model Master colors. The decals are from several old military kits and some are custom made by .

I've never ever build a military kit before, so I like to thank my friend Mike for teaching my hours over hours "how to" create a good result! Also I like to thank Andreas, for giving me the "energy" to build this...!

After 10 months of building I realized, that it is MUCH CHEAPER to buy 2 sealed original "Rommels Rods" !!! 

But that would be less fun...

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