Paddy Wagon

Built by: Jody Michielsen Wayland, NY

I started out with a fresh unopened paddy wagon kit. I wanted to build a model of one of my more favorite models from when I was a kid. However I did not want to do it in its original glory. 

I never seem to be able to leave anything alone. I must always cut and hack and swap parts. So I placed a theme to it. What would a paddy wagon look like if hot rodder cops made one. I wanted to bring it more to reality by making it with parts that would have been actually available on the streets. 

So I started by replacing the chassis with scale 2" styrene tube. I then scratch built a dropped perch for the front and engine mounts as well. Power comes from a Revell Parts pack Pontiac mated to a 62 Catalina tranny and is transferred to the rear end with a Baldwin motion 1970 1/2 Camaro rear end. 

The front tires and rims come from the Catalina as well. The rear tires are from the parts box and are Revell/ Monogram two piece slicks. I reversed them and painted the removable part using Duplicolor classic white. 

I then scratch built the floor using bass wood. I had to cut off the steps from the original chassis. The body I painted using Duplicolor Classic White and Black. Pinstripes came from the parts box. The steering wheel was actually created from a broken drive shaft from a TMNT truck. It certainly is not show quality, but it was a quick fun build to help relive some stress from moving from TN to NY and was my first project to start on in out first home here.

 Thanks for looking and enjoy.

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