Pie Wagon/26 Ford (kitbash)

Built by: Ira Dahm in Cotati, California

The PWF C-Cab was an experiment to see if I could modify the wildly raked Monogram Pie Wagon body to fit on a set of 1920's sedan fenders.

The fenders from Revell's '26 Ford T Sedan delivery looked like the most compatible, so I started to fit the Pie Wagon body to the fenders. First I removed the gas tank and pie rack supports from the Pie Wagon's floor. Then I filled the holes with sheet plastic and putty. The floor was then sanded smooth.

Next I chopped the top, by removing a wedge shaped section from each side of the Pie Wagon body, resulting in about a 3/8" chop at the windshield tapering down to a 1/16" chop at the rear of the cab. I wanted to center the rear window and license plate mounting slot, so I removed about 1/2" section from the right side of the window opening.

Then I glued the window frame in place over to the right (centered) and then glued the 1/2" section in (turned over) on the left side of the window frame. The same technique was used on the license plate mounting slot.

The body halves were glued together. The front of the body was then cut off right in front of the radiator shell. Next I cut two wedge shapes from the front of the body and fit in the rectangular headlights and molded them in. The bottom 1/8" of the body (including the floor pan) was cut off, to help level off the bottom, and then I cut out areas on the sides of the body to fit between the rear fenders.

The exhaust pipe slots were filled with sheet plastic. The rear fenders were then bobbed to follow the contours of the body. The fender area below the radiator was modified to fit the lowered radiator shell. The hood's raised area was sectioned about 1/8" to fit the lowered radiator shell position and the engine opening was filled with sheet plastic and cut out to clear the dual carburetors.

Most of the chassis and engine parts are from the '26 Ford T Sedan. Wheels and tires are from Revell's Reynard F1 kit. The taillights are red rhinestones. The interior is Testors Flat White with Metalflake Red seats. The PWF C-Cab body is painted with Testors Metalflake Red and the fenders are Gloss Black.

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