Little T (with replicated display)

Built by: Harley Richards in Croydon, Surrey, England

OK, here's the deal on the Little T (that isn't). This may look like a box stock Monogram Little T but I couldn't quite bring myself to build the original I have sitting on the shelf, so I built a replica instead. However, it's not just any old replica but a copy of the models that Monogram sent out to dealers for display/promotional purposes (hence the display, but more about that in a moment).

The base kit I used was the Early Iron issue of Monogram's Model T. Any issues after this lost the bucket seats but, even so, there was quite a lot to do to retro fit all the right stuff. The wheels are a combination of Li'l Coffin outers with inner moons from the AMT 34 Ford. Tires are from the Li'l Coffin as are the front brake plates.

The engine is topped off with a six carb manifold from an early Revell engine (I hate to say this but I think from the color plastic it must have come from a Boss Fink kit at some time, so where did the rest go?) topped with the six carbs from the Li'l Coffin, again. The only things missing from the original are the exhaust extensions that run from the side dump pipes under the car. You can't see them on the finished thing so I left them off.

Like the paint? Well, anything that's red is just polished plastic, like the original dealer models were. Everything else was painted to look like the box art/dealer display which basically meant splashing on some satin white (hood, seats and trim) and satin black (engine trim).

As you can see from the photo below, a dealer display kit needs a dealer display to go with it. This is actually a prototype that my partner in crime Tony Waring produced using MDF, he's now producing them in card, as the originals would have been. In addition to the Little T, he can turn out displays for the Yellow Jacket, the Futurista, the Green Hornet T, the Model A Phaeton, the Big T and the Big Deuce. Recently, we thought "Why stick to actual kits produced by manufacturers?" so there is now a Little Drag on the menu with other phantoms to come. Let me know if you'd like one and I'll pass on Tony's E-mail address.

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