Paddy Wagon

Built by: Jay Lewis in Fridley, Minnesota

Built in 1993 from the 80s reissued kit. The body was painted with House of Kolor candy cobalt blue over silver. I applied a few coats of clear followed by sanding and polishing. A sun roof was added from an old van kit I had when I was a kid.

The chrome in the kit was typical Monogram chrome of that period (junk) so I decided to change the look of the truck a little. The intake manifold was built up from Evergreen plastic tubing and strip with short injector stacks made from aluminum tubing.

The headers are from a funny car kit from that period. The kit torsion bar front axle was removed and replaced with a cross leaf spring unit I had kickin' around. The rest of the chassis was detailed with things like brake lines, gas tank and fuel lines.

The upholstered surfaces were painted a military shade of Testors blue. The driver's compartment was detailed with a scratchbuilt CB radio and gumball light with cords made from small wire wrapped around a drill bit. Other details include an empty Dunkin Donuts box and Billy club.

The wood benches in the back were painted to look like highly polished wood. Some Evergreen strip and costume jewelry were used to make the leg shackles. The forgotten occupant came from the Li'l Coffin kit that was cut and repositioned to fit his predicament.

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