Juice Box
(customized Baja Bandito)

Built by: Jay Lewis in Fridley, Minnesota

This model was built using the body from the Baja Beast reissue and a much modified chassis of the Trouble Maker reissue.

All the opening doors of the body were glued shut and molded in. A roof hatch was cut along with some slots for the air intake for the engine. The inside of the body got detailed with an air intake box, tubular body supports and hinges which allow it to hinge from the front.

I coated it in House of Kolors candy tangerine over gold followed by a few coats of clear with pink pearl added. A little white was airbrushed on to create a "head foam" effect on the roof. The body was then sprayed with several coates of clear, sanded and buffed.

I hand-painted the "Juice Box" lettering using One Shot enamel then added the orange graphics which are Microscale train decals.

The chassis from the Trouble Maker was shortened and the engine and cockpit moved around to fit under the bus body. The front tires are from my parts vault and the rear tires came from the Trouble Maker. The wheels are Motorwheel flys from The Good Stuff.

The chassis was painted using House of Kolors candy tangerine over white. (We were going to unmount the model from the base to allow the body to raise but it would've required alot of work. We just decided to skip it. - Jim) The "Fresh Squeezed" base was hand lettered using One Shot enamel and the figure came from a toy store.


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