Outcast (TD 57 Chevy)

Built by: Ramone Hendriks in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Browsing through all 275 showrods, I stumbled across this car--a '57 Chevy Be lair, one of my favorite cars. And with the chopped roof and all it absolutely looks killer! I had got to have this one.

That's not an easy task, there are not many of them around on e-bay. Then one day I bought myself a Chevy Plum Crazy kit, which is basically the same as the '57 Outcast.

With some decals from Slippery Arts it was a fairly easy task to produce this build. The only thing that gave me trouble was the color of the car. I couldn't find the right color.

After 3 paint jobs I almost gave up!!! Some time later a friend of mine bought an Audi V10 With a magnificent blue paint on it! That was the color I was looking for.

And other thing that gave me a headache was the bare metal foil part, lots of it on this car, so I spent quite a few hours on something I don't like very much! But seeing the car on my shelf every day, I think it was worth the trouble.


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