Orange Hauler

Built by: Paul Canney

Orange, umm.. "Tangerine" Hauler

I really wanted a second chance at building one of these. The first one I built in the 60's was glued together straight from the box and is long gone. So I set out hunting the aisles of ebay for months on end and finally ended up with 3 partial built ups that were in various stages of 'quality'. I never did get all 4 white walls or 4 usable chrome reverse wheels, so it sat for a bit, until, I saw a picture of the 1970 Lime Green modified Uncertain-T with it's updated "modern" (for then) rear tires.

So I thought I'd "update" this mid 60's classic to what it may have looked like in the early 70's. I broke out my last set of MRC cragars and really liked the look. So I set about painting this with my last bottle of Leon Tefft's Cobra Colors Candy Tangerine automotive lacquer. It's not as "orange-y" as the kit plastic.

I decided to 'calm down' the contrast of the bright white interior (as the white walls were now gone) and settled on a very light tan mix of light tan and white.

The original Orange Hauler is known as the Ultra-Truck in real life. Daryl Starbird cut up a 1962 Chevy 1-ton pickup cab and slid a 1956 Buick nail-head into a 1955 Chevy frame. As far as actually 'hauling' anything, I think fresh oranges loaded loosely under the cover of the bed would just fit.

The Ultra Truck is nearly 50 years old and the Orange Hauler kit isn't far behind that. The kit assembles easily and my only critque is that I wish the interior bucket fit a little better. The bubble top did fit nice and snug until final assembly. In researching other builds of this historic kit, it appears every one has a fit issue with the top sitting snug to the body.

The technical data on these shots is they were shot on dime store plain white paper towels on a tripod mounted Sony CD500 at F5.0 for 2-4 seconds with 2nd shutter bounced fill flash.

Though it's not the glue bomb I built in 1966, I'm happy with the way this turned out. I like models of 'real' show rods. Though I made subtle changes, I don't think I strayed too far off. I imagine now that I went to great lengths and dollars to finally have one in my collection that it will be re-released any minute now.

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