Nosferatu's Ride

Built by: Dave Briede (badroadahead)

Nosferatu's Ride

With Big Daddy Roth and bubbletops being my vice I just had to see what I could do with one of Ed’s creations. I know I couldn’t re-create one of his masterpieces and I mean him no disrespect.

I used most of the Mysterion and the front of the Beatnik Bandit for this one. I moved the insets and vents on the side of the body and added wings, the rear of the body with the taillights, bubble and other minor changes.

I rebuilt the interior using scratch built gauges and added carpeting. I changed the valve covers, pipes intake scoops and wired the engines. I carved the front of the Bandit to fit and added cut off straight pins for fangs. Done up in black and purple flake mist with a blood red interior.

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