Nemo's Car

Built by: Earl R. Simons, Duvall, Washington

From the movie:
MFG. By: WAVE- Japan
(Where the movie is titled: ‘LEAGUE OF LEGEND’)

When I saw the movie I couldn't’t forget NEMO”S Outrageous car - his ‘Aw-Tow-Mo-Beel’- and was on a quest to see if anyone made a kit. – Yep! - It is a 2004 release, and still available from HOBBY LINK JAPAN ( Expect to pay around $100.00 (u.s.) to get it to the states. They also have a 1:200 Sc. kit of NEMO’S SUB! 

This curbside kit is Definitely a challenge for the experienced modeler. WAVE is well known for their Gundam-type kits, & this first attempt (WAV-01) for a vehicle is excellent. Think Taj Mahal on wheels.  The detail is incredible.  The hub caps are removable, to reveal heavy-duty six-spoke rims.  Having FOUR front wheels, I was inclined to bend the axles (several times) to turn the wheels slightly left. 

All the trim on this kit is separate, and plated with an ‘old world’ gun metal finish, except for the dash (all plated), and the door panels (off pinkish brown). I washed the trim with 2 parts Model master German silver Metallic, 2 parts M.M. anthracite gray metallic, & 1 part flat black. When almost dry, I gently rubbed it out with thinner applied to cloth, then paper wrapped around a trimmed clothespin end.

Body is shot with white primer, gloss white, 2 coats of gloss pearl clearcoat & high gloss clearcoat (Testors). The Interior, I painted M.M. Leather. – If I ever can latch onto another Nemo’s Car kit (Insert hysterical laughter here), I plan to drop a Rolls-Royce Merlin or some other V-12-16 of Nemo’s design in the engine bay….
This was such a great kit to build, the extreme patience required was well worth the finished result.

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