Boss A Bone
(towing Son of Ford)

Built by: Harley Richards, Croydon, Surrey, England

With the exception of some engine wiring, a less "showy" firewall (no place for tuck and roll on a working truck’s firewall!) and some of Decal Dan's finest in the pick up bed, this is a 100% stock Boss A Bone. This was the one Tom Daniel kit I always wanted as a kid (but somehow I never got one), and the reason I wanted it so badly was the box art.

You have to understand that for an 11 year old growing up in England the artwork was just impossibly cool. To put that into perspective, there were probably no more than one or two real Funny Cars in England at the time and yet the box art showed them just scattered around the pits like they were no big deal. As if that wasn't enough, the idea that someone would be using such a cool rod as a crew truck (well, that's how I always saw it) was mind boggling! Throw in some serious sunshine (you just know that tarmac would be boiling if you could reach in and touch it) and that, for me at least, was what America was all about.

So it was just a short leap of imagination from there to match this up with my Son of Ford clone, fit out a trailer in true weekend warrior style and the Tee Dee race team was born.

It was something of a difficult birth though because although the A Bone is a fairly simple kit the fit on most assemblies was vague at best and often just wrong (for example, the wheelbase didn't match the fender openings without moving the rear axle backwards). In keeping with the simple theme the paint is just polished rattle can red--which took over a month to dry by the way but that’s a story for another time.....

Want to know something spooky? There is another version of this precise set up lurking out there on another Klown's workbench but with a very different visual image. When will we be seeing that one I wonder?




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